Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Lions, Tigers and Bears.. Oh my!

It was brought to my attention that a FABULOUS, set of cupcake wrappers was missing from my shop. 
One of my favorite movies of all time is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Still to this day I love love love it. 
So when I was forced to watch it every day for a week while I drew out some cupcake wrappers, who could complain? 
Yes, that's right. The Wizard of Oz is now in a cupcake wrapper!!
Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man and Dorothy. 
I had so much fun drawing them, that I forgot it was work. 
I of course wanted them to be a recognizable set, but still cute and similar to my style of drawings. 
How cute would this set be on a Dessert table with a rainbow, or a Yellow Brick Road table cloth. 
Can't you just picture an Emerald City backdrop??
Cupcakes with golden yellow glittery icing, or a fabulous black and white crop photo of Toto...

Oh My, how you could you choose. 

Of course the set would never be complete without heading West. ...
How can you forget the.. Wicked Witch? I especially am in love with her minion.
A flying monkey! It was a tough decision to not put wings onto the wrapper. I felt it was very distracting with big wings on the sides.
Let me know if I need to rethink that decision.. :)
She's got a fabulous laced dress on, with her broom.

Dorothy. Her shoes are red and Glittery (though it doesn't reflect in my photo dang...).
Her dress pops out the sides for a 3D effect. Her braids and and her face are on foam stickers.
I love how it looks like she is holding hands with the Tin Man and the Cowardly. Lion. 

What about Mister Scarecrow?? He'd fight a box full of matches for the chance of getting a brain. 
I think he was reflected well. From the dark green of his shirt, to the straw hanging out of his sleeves.
His arms pop out the side of the wrapper. His Burlap face is attached with foam stickers.
Of course, I had to give him a smile...

Next up, is the Coward. 
I felt it was appropriate to give him his fantastic pink bow, which, he wears right after receiving his "Permanent" just for the ocassion.
I struggled with color ideas  for Mr. Lion. I didn't want him to all be the same color, but he totally is all the same color. 
So I used some orange to brighten it up. 

Tin Man.. He's always been my favorite. I love the funnel on his head. Even though my photo skills do not declare the sparkle on this here man, I assure you, he is made out of sparkly tin.
I used silver shimmer card stock for everything, BUT his axe. Irony eh? His axe needed to stand out. So I made it matte grey. It stands out well against the silver.

         Tin Man                   Dorothy                   Scarecrow                     Lion

Of course always that hardest thing I ever have to do is pack up the lovely bunch of wrappers and send them on their way to meet their fate. However, I couldn't do that without putting together some cute matching Favor tags to match. 

Time unfortunately got the best of me, I had to run out the door with my package. 
I had soo much fun making these, that I lost track of my day. 
I want to Thank you for the amazing idea for a set of wrappers so close to my heart. 
I really hope these make an impact at your event and I look forward to making more!!

Soon to be entering the shop.


Tricia aka CakeaDOODLE 

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