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I know it's always nice to know the person behind the madness so here is me:

What the heck is that thing beside me in the picture glowing in the background?
Ha I don't know, something stupid reflecting light as my webcam shot a lovely photo of my face. See how unsure I am in my photo?
Yea, I'm going to work on that.
Anyways who am I?

I am Tricia, I am the face behind Cakeadoodle.ca and anywhrere else you can find me.

My food Blog: Grain free, Gluten free, Sugar free Recipes
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Contact me here: info@cakeadoodle.ca

Why a food blog? Couple years ago I joined a mission to feel better and live better. I read a few books, tried a few things and stumbled upon a lifestyle that I dearly enjoy. 
I am completely Gluten free, Grain free, Sugar free, and Primal. 
What the heck does that mean? It means that I make everything from scratch, I buy nothing that comes pre made in a box, bag, or can. If you can't find it in nature and eat it (without a man made machine or technology, or chemically enhancing it) I don't eat it. 
Meanwhile I found it very difficult when I started this journey to eat things that I so deeply enjoyed, so I started posting recipes online as I wanted to help my friends, family and anyone else who was searching for recipes like I was. 

My Etsy store. Why Etsy? It was the birth of Cakeadoodle years ago. It gave me my starting place to find wonderful people who were interested in buying a cupcake wrapper. What the heck is a cupcake wrapper? It's a piece of decorated card stock that runs around the outside of your cupcake once it's baked.
WHY WOULD I WANT A CUPCAKE WRAPPER? Well not only can I make them in any size, shape, and color, or theme, but it's a way to make your food fantastic looking without using sugar, artificial colors, flavors and other non essential ingredients.

My facebook. Well please forgive me as I am still learning how to use that wonderful place and I am looking forward to posting there more often. I post new items and designs as they go up on there, and any important announcements you need to know now. 

If you are interested in working with me on some custom designs, and or just want to contact me feel free to email me directly at my website. Since I do all my work beside some kind of electronic device I will know you emailed me and I will get back to you promptly.

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