Thursday, 25 July 2013

Butterfly, Purse, Lipstick and a shoe.

Well Hello there..

Have I been busy? Oh yes. Is that an excuse? Not at all. However I have a huge stack of custom designs now to share with you because I have been so busy!
So what I have been up to? Butterflies, high heels, purses, and lipstick.


Now don't even get me started on this butterfly. I had thought it might be the death of me,but then I got it drawn out and I almost cried from the pure beauty.

These are fantastic 4 layer butterflies with die cut wings. Each piece is individual and glued on by hand.
Now I would love to take all of the credit for these.
I was given a graphic (below) by my lovely customer as she was looking for party items to match.
Die cuts, menu cards, cupcake wrappers.

Oh sure, no big deal.. right?
I am used to the challenge, but that doesn't mean it was easy. You see the teeny tiny butterfly over on the left by the "Happy"?? That was the inspiration. Not only was that small picture it, but I had to make everything third dimensional.
Nothing from cakeadoodle is flat and borring.. NO. So 3D butterfly it is. Oh and not to mention the high heel, the lipstick and the purse were also put to the 3D card stock test.
So here they are. 3D, bright and die cut. Layered assembled by hand and drawn out from scratch. I had to draw each graphic using the provided drawing, and then come up with a layered 3D version. Not too shabby if I must say. I feel like the cupcake wrappers were an amazing turn out.

Hot pink, pink, turquoise, aqua, silver, lime green, purple, lavender, peach, and black. Those were the strict colors I was offered to work with. Check out the lime green heart charm on the purse!! eek! Even the menu cards had to be printed onto lavender paper.

The menu cards came out super cute. The die cuts are all cut out individually and glued together. They are attached to the menu cards printed on lavender paper with foam adhesives for a layered 3D look.
I am just so ecstatic with what can be made out of paper!! I wish I was invited to the party to eat all the food though. 

Overall I am quite pleased with this party design!! I Hope to see some party photos!! Let me know what you think.

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dinosaur Cupcake Wrappers

I am ridiculously excited about this post!
I lovvvvvvvve dinosaurs. Like love with a passion. I was so inspired to create some custom made to match dinosaurs that I could for a special request.
Check out these gorgeous Girl and Boy Dinosaur cupcake wrappers.
The inspiration, was an invitation. I took the 2D Dinosaur from the invitation (which only showed the front half of each Dino) and transformed it into a 3D cupcake experience.
My favorite part of these Dinosaurs? The flowers for the girls! Such a subtle detail to make them not as ferocious.
The boy dinosaurs? Are just as cute without flowers in the orange and Peacock blue. 
The color on color shadow die cut lines are a great way to add depth with less work ;) 
Ha, unfortunately I am not a big fan of making my life more difficult!
I love the details in the cut lines from the Triceratops face, to the toes on the long neck. 
The eyes are hand drawn for the "glimmer" in each eye. 
Thank goodness there is only one on each Dinosaur!
The heads and tails of each one pops out the side into a 3D Dinosaur upon setting them up. 

I can just imagine these all decked out on a cupcake tower. What a fabulous idea thanks so much for the inspiration to make these into a new great addition to CakeADoodle.

I really had a blast making these. Thanks so much for letting me be part of your celebration!!

Tricia aka

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Monday, 13 May 2013

Farm Cupcake Toppers and Giveaway

There has been some FABULOUS Party photos shared with me lately. But in Particular, there is 2 Great Farm Themed Parties, so I thought it would be Great to share them both with you at the same time.

What's better then a Farm themed party? TWO Farm themes parties!! Here's a close up..

I am crazy in love with the hay stack in this photo. It just reminds me of how much fun I have make these cupcake toppers and Barn wrappers.
The barn wrappers are monogrammed at the top in black text for the extra special occasion.
The cupcakes, are delectable with black swirled icing. It's a bold color choice compared to the Barn wrappers.
The barn doors on the wrappers are "hinged" and are able to shown as open, or closed. 

Cute little barn wrappers all standing in a row.
Check out the super cute table Layout.
The Hay bale, I cannot get over.
The cow print cupcake liners,
the barn box.

 The Balloons, the PIG balloon, uhhh how cute is that?
The table cloth...
 Yea I am pretty much speechless. One of my favorite themes of all time has been my Farm cupcake wrappers and toppers set.

So how thrilled was I when I got to work on a another Farm Party for another celebration.... ??

 Here's a totally different idea, but so cute. There's cake pops, fondant toppers, cookies, drink cups, frames, and a lovely gingham tablecloth. 

Take some notes, and ideas and make your next farm themed party awesome. 

You can enter to win 12 Farm Animal Cupcake Toppers 

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Giveaway closes May 19!!

AND don't forget, once the Cakeadoodle Facebook page reaches 450 fans, a MONSTER giveaway, will be announced!!

Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Lions, Tigers and Bears.. Oh my!

It was brought to my attention that a FABULOUS, set of cupcake wrappers was missing from my shop. 
One of my favorite movies of all time is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Still to this day I love love love it. 
So when I was forced to watch it every day for a week while I drew out some cupcake wrappers, who could complain? 
Yes, that's right. The Wizard of Oz is now in a cupcake wrapper!!
Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man and Dorothy. 
I had so much fun drawing them, that I forgot it was work. 
I of course wanted them to be a recognizable set, but still cute and similar to my style of drawings. 
How cute would this set be on a Dessert table with a rainbow, or a Yellow Brick Road table cloth. 
Can't you just picture an Emerald City backdrop??
Cupcakes with golden yellow glittery icing, or a fabulous black and white crop photo of Toto...

Oh My, how you could you choose. 

Of course the set would never be complete without heading West. ...
How can you forget the.. Wicked Witch? I especially am in love with her minion.
A flying monkey! It was a tough decision to not put wings onto the wrapper. I felt it was very distracting with big wings on the sides.
Let me know if I need to rethink that decision.. :)
She's got a fabulous laced dress on, with her broom.

Dorothy. Her shoes are red and Glittery (though it doesn't reflect in my photo dang...).
Her dress pops out the sides for a 3D effect. Her braids and and her face are on foam stickers.
I love how it looks like she is holding hands with the Tin Man and the Cowardly. Lion. 

What about Mister Scarecrow?? He'd fight a box full of matches for the chance of getting a brain. 
I think he was reflected well. From the dark green of his shirt, to the straw hanging out of his sleeves.
His arms pop out the side of the wrapper. His Burlap face is attached with foam stickers.
Of course, I had to give him a smile...

Next up, is the Coward. 
I felt it was appropriate to give him his fantastic pink bow, which, he wears right after receiving his "Permanent" just for the ocassion.
I struggled with color ideas  for Mr. Lion. I didn't want him to all be the same color, but he totally is all the same color. 
So I used some orange to brighten it up. 

Tin Man.. He's always been my favorite. I love the funnel on his head. Even though my photo skills do not declare the sparkle on this here man, I assure you, he is made out of sparkly tin.
I used silver shimmer card stock for everything, BUT his axe. Irony eh? His axe needed to stand out. So I made it matte grey. It stands out well against the silver.

         Tin Man                   Dorothy                   Scarecrow                     Lion

Of course always that hardest thing I ever have to do is pack up the lovely bunch of wrappers and send them on their way to meet their fate. However, I couldn't do that without putting together some cute matching Favor tags to match. 

Time unfortunately got the best of me, I had to run out the door with my package. 
I had soo much fun making these, that I lost track of my day. 
I want to Thank you for the amazing idea for a set of wrappers so close to my heart. 
I really hope these make an impact at your event and I look forward to making more!!

Soon to be entering the shop.


Tricia aka CakeaDOODLE 

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Shark Cupcake wrappers

How are you doing??
I am not going to lie. I feel like a Hermit, I work all day and night and I can barely keep up!! I am thankful for everyone who is supporting me and working with me to make your event special. 
So, enough of that. I have been designing some GREAT custom requests lately, and I have even remembered to take some pictures for you. I love love love working on new requests. I hope you are just as excited as I am.. 
Stick around and watch for sale 1000 over at the Cakeadoodledoo Etsy shop. If you are number 1000, you will receive free shipping on your order. No matter what. Thank you for celebrating with me!!!
So here we are Mid April.. Graduation is upon us. Grad items are now available on my website for purchase. 
Please remember all out of season items are removed and placed in a vault for safe keeping until next year. Ha, if only I had a vault :)
So here is a NEW creation I have added to the shop lately. It started as a small request and became a ferocious Shark!! But with a smile. 
I love how the tail and fins pop out the side. 
Nothing like two rows of sharp teeth!
I wanted to definitely keep them realistic in term of color. Can you imagine a green shark??)
BUT, what can I say.. I used three different tone on tone colors for the shadows and definition. The shark on the Left I made out of Grey, Charcoal, and Granite.
The Shark on the right is made out of Sky blue, Robin and Peacock.
I just can't wait to see these guys all decked out on a cupcake tower surrounded by waves and fish hooks. What a fantastic idea to make a shark into a cupcake. I do not know what I would do without all your great ideas. Please keep them coming.

 Thankyou so much for working with me on this new fabulous design idea. I hope to work with you again and create another memorable event. Send me pictures of the best party ever!!


Tricia aka CakeaDoodle.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ahoy! Matey...

Here we are!! Almost into March. Valentines day is over.. St. Patrick's Day is coming, and I am ready to switch from pink to green. 
First up this week, is a first of the Party Photo Submissions.
There is nothing more exciting then seeing the wonderful cupcake wrappers all decked out at your events. So please send me your photos, plus you can earn a 20% off coupon code for future use. 
 One of my MOST popular themes is definitely my Pirate Ship themed items. Here's a great look at what you can do with the lovely black and red pirate theme. 

The wrappers that I originally designed were these custom Pirate ones. They unfortunately were hit with the demise of the Postal system and never made it to the party.
But the Pirate ship wrappers did!
Always looking for great table ideas, especially because I get a lot of emails and requests with orders asking if I can recommend layouts or how to set up their items.
Look closely and you can see two cute cute, red pedestals with a fantastic triangle pennant banner. There's 2 Pirate Ship wrappers. A boy and a girl.

Even though my Pirate Ship Cupcake Wrappers are default in black and red, they of course can be made in any color. 9 times out of 10, the color is never changed. So bring on the black and red themed tables. 

So what do you think? Isn't this a fabulous set up? I'm crazy for polka dots. The addition of the polka dot table linens is exactly what I would have done.
Here's a close up of a great Black Pinwheel with a Pirate Ship Die cut that I sent along with the Pirate ship wrappers. I love pinwheels, and the centered die cut really adds to it. 
So thank you so much, for working with me on this fabulous Pirate Party. I hope to work with you again and create another memorable event.


Tricia aka CakeaDoodle.

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Football Invitations

In the Early January, in the midst of the beginning of the new year, I got a lovely custom item request. 
Football invitations. I already have football players (which are soo fun btw) as cupcake wrappers.
I had a great time drawing out the football players wrapper. But to make an invite I was forced to draw out a body for the football players, who until now were only a face!
Luckily I had a pretty good idea and I was given complete freedom to draw him however I saw fit.
To take a drawing any turn him into Card stock though is always the fun part. So here I drew out my football players, and then worked on making him look tough with muscles, but to still keep the great facial features.

So I mounted the face with foam (too keep it 3D) and placed the muscles behind.
It was a challenge to make him in such a small size (in order to fit on the front of the invitation).
I placed my tweezers in the photo to help show the actual size of the foot ball player. 

I do actually do MOST of my assembly using tweezers :)
So here is the tough guy. Sneakers, shin pads, football in hand and a helmet. I was really quite pleased with how he came out.
The invitations were a a simple 5x7 flat card with a basic background behind the football player. These looked so great together with my tent cards and cupcake wrappers.

I hope that the event they were used for was just as fantastic!
Here is the invitations and how they turned out in all 3 different color themes.

I cannot WAIT to turn him into a 3D invite and place it online. I think it would be a great idea.
These were sold as a custom order but can certainly be made again. Custom orders can be submitted through email, my website or by contacting me through my Facebook page.

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