Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Ahoy! Matey...

Here we are!! Almost into March. Valentines day is over.. St. Patrick's Day is coming, and I am ready to switch from pink to green. 
First up this week, is a first of the Party Photo Submissions.
There is nothing more exciting then seeing the wonderful cupcake wrappers all decked out at your events. So please send me your photos, plus you can earn a 20% off coupon code for future use. 
 One of my MOST popular themes is definitely my Pirate Ship themed items. Here's a great look at what you can do with the lovely black and red pirate theme. 

The wrappers that I originally designed were these custom Pirate ones. They unfortunately were hit with the demise of the Postal system and never made it to the party.
But the Pirate ship wrappers did!
Always looking for great table ideas, especially because I get a lot of emails and requests with orders asking if I can recommend layouts or how to set up their items.
Look closely and you can see two cute cute, red pedestals with a fantastic triangle pennant banner. There's 2 Pirate Ship wrappers. A boy and a girl.

Even though my Pirate Ship Cupcake Wrappers are default in black and red, they of course can be made in any color. 9 times out of 10, the color is never changed. So bring on the black and red themed tables. 

So what do you think? Isn't this a fabulous set up? I'm crazy for polka dots. The addition of the polka dot table linens is exactly what I would have done.
Here's a close up of a great Black Pinwheel with a Pirate Ship Die cut that I sent along with the Pirate ship wrappers. I love pinwheels, and the centered die cut really adds to it. 
So thank you so much, for working with me on this fabulous Pirate Party. I hope to work with you again and create another memorable event.


Tricia aka CakeaDoodle.

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Football Invitations

In the Early January, in the midst of the beginning of the new year, I got a lovely custom item request. 
Football invitations. I already have football players (which are soo fun btw) as cupcake wrappers.
I had a great time drawing out the football players wrapper. But to make an invite I was forced to draw out a body for the football players, who until now were only a face!
Luckily I had a pretty good idea and I was given complete freedom to draw him however I saw fit.
To take a drawing any turn him into Card stock though is always the fun part. So here I drew out my football players, and then worked on making him look tough with muscles, but to still keep the great facial features.

So I mounted the face with foam (too keep it 3D) and placed the muscles behind.
It was a challenge to make him in such a small size (in order to fit on the front of the invitation).
I placed my tweezers in the photo to help show the actual size of the foot ball player. 

I do actually do MOST of my assembly using tweezers :)
So here is the tough guy. Sneakers, shin pads, football in hand and a helmet. I was really quite pleased with how he came out.
The invitations were a a simple 5x7 flat card with a basic background behind the football player. These looked so great together with my tent cards and cupcake wrappers.

I hope that the event they were used for was just as fantastic!
Here is the invitations and how they turned out in all 3 different color themes.

I cannot WAIT to turn him into a 3D invite and place it online. I think it would be a great idea.
These were sold as a custom order but can certainly be made again. Custom orders can be submitted through email, my website or by contacting me through my Facebook page.

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