Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dinosaur Cupcake Wrappers

I am ridiculously excited about this post!
I lovvvvvvvve dinosaurs. Like love with a passion. I was so inspired to create some custom made to match dinosaurs that I could for a special request.
Check out these gorgeous Girl and Boy Dinosaur cupcake wrappers.
The inspiration, was an invitation. I took the 2D Dinosaur from the invitation (which only showed the front half of each Dino) and transformed it into a 3D cupcake experience.
My favorite part of these Dinosaurs? The flowers for the girls! Such a subtle detail to make them not as ferocious.
The boy dinosaurs? Are just as cute without flowers in the orange and Peacock blue. 
The color on color shadow die cut lines are a great way to add depth with less work ;) 
Ha, unfortunately I am not a big fan of making my life more difficult!
I love the details in the cut lines from the Triceratops face, to the toes on the long neck. 
The eyes are hand drawn for the "glimmer" in each eye. 
Thank goodness there is only one on each Dinosaur!
The heads and tails of each one pops out the side into a 3D Dinosaur upon setting them up. 

I can just imagine these all decked out on a cupcake tower. What a fabulous idea thanks so much for the inspiration to make these into a new great addition to CakeADoodle.


I really had a blast making these. Thanks so much for letting me be part of your celebration!!

Tricia aka CakeADoodle.ca


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