Friday, 25 January 2013


 I have been loosing sleep lately. Trying to shut my eyes and all I can think about is invitations, invitations, invitations.
Last year about November, I had a lot of free time, and I decided to branch out into matching item products. I have had requests for them forever, but I have never had the desire to do it.
All of a sudden in November I wanted to!
So, These were my first attempts ---------------------------->>

 I listed these on Etsy in November and I crossed my fingers. Low and behold they of course have started selling.
Now, I am having doubts!!!
I am not having doubts, that they are liked. I am just not sure I, Me, Myself like them.
They are pretty awesome, but I love to be different. I noticed (through some research) that most invitations are
styled like this. Flat, A2 or whatever double layered card.

 I then thought or made the assumption that I needed to do the same. Flat, mostly printed invitations that are double layered. It's just not as expressive as I want to be. 
I have always steered away from using printed elements in my shop, because MOST people use that as an option.
I love the printed look, so easy and crisp. However even though I am drawing my own graphics I have no idea how to make them stand out.

So I came up with an idea all of a sudden one night, at about 2am in the midst of my insomnia. 
They don't have to look like this!!!! Why did I feel like I was trapped in a box and being forced to make these when it's so silly to have limitations and rules for an invitation.
So hopefully, You like what I decided was a good idea to do instead.

I took the same designs (based on my cupcake wrappers) that I have made and turned them into large 5x7 invites. No only because this is what I started day dreaming about, but because this is what I have always wanted to do, but was terrified, that no one would like them. 

 They are different, they are die cut, unprofessional, unexpected, and unusual.
Does that make them better? I have no idea, I am hoping you will let me know. I can't decide so I currently have them all listed in my Etsy shop while I ponder them. I have already started drawing more, which I am hoping to list shortly.

Please let me know your opinions on which layout you are more fond of. 

1) 5x7 Flat Card Invites (at the top)
2) 5x7 Die Cut Invites ------------------->>

Leave a comment and let me know!!!
I am looking forward to hearing from you

 PS. I vote for the die cut :)

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Will you be my Valentine?

Less then a month until Valentines day, and I am happy to say I am ready! Well, mostly. My Valentine's day wrappers are up and available for purchase
If you follow me on Pinterest you know I have been there lately, All I have to do now is make some adorable matching tags to go along with these great designs so I can use them for my own gift giving. 
I know hubby will want one, especially the cupid!
So I whipped up a cute tag to see how I would like it to go with my wrapped box of chocolates for my Valentines Party. 
It's perfect! Just what I wanted. 
I will definitely be using him for my Valentines! 
I will have to stamp up the paper though of course and work on jazzing it up a bit.
I love using kraft paper though and adding a tag or a card as the focus of the gift, not the paper. You are going to throw out the paper anyways. 

The cute Valentine available comes complete with 3 different wrappers. A Teddy bear, Cupid, and a Heart with an aarow. 

The Teddy bear is made out of my favorite Chocolate Brown with Kraft for the belly, muzzle, and ears. He is wearing his heart on his toes. Cute little arms pop out the side once the wrapper is assembled.

I just had to share my Cupid tag with you. I love making new things out of my favorite designs. 
CakeADoodle Press will be starting up in February. It will be taking place on the 15th and last day of every month. 
New item releases and designs will be presented there, along with any sales, or features I am just too excited about. You can join by clicking on the link above or by going directly to my website and joining there CakeADoodle
It is going to be fun!

Ps. I hate spam and junk mail just as much as you. You will only be emailed once when you join and will always have the option to opt out at any time. 
If you have any trouble you can contact me directly.

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Monday, 21 January 2013


So here we are!
This is my blog for This is where I will place my Cakedoodles! 

Cakedoodle? What the heck is a cake doodle? A cake doodle is my sketches, my thought, my custom drawings, my photographs, and anything else I want to jot down on here. 
My attempts to stay on top of social networking for 2013 has begun. 

So here are some things I have been working on....

What the heck is that? A super cute female pirate. 
Part of having a ton of cupcake wrappers to choose from I am always getting little requests here and there for items that I need to draw out or tweak to make your party! 
Here is a pirate that I drew out for a lovely customer a few weeks back. 
Her lovely polka dot bandanna and her lips are my favorite. 
Oh and who is that in the background on the right? Well that would be my adorable Man Pirate Cupcake Wrapper. I drew him out last year, and though, he's always been one of my most favorite wrappers he is probably one of the most simple.
His eye brows are the highlight of his face.
I am very much looking forward to receiving photos of the party. 

I love working on custom requests, and custom drawings. How is this possible? 
You can reach me at my website and send me an email directly for custom work.
I plan on using this blog here as a way to photograph and log all of my custom work and drawings in a gallery approach. That way this will help be a reference for past work I have done. I only wish I didn't have 3 years of custom work that wasn't posted here. So maybe if I am lucky I will find photographs that I have been sent in the past so I can add them here to show you. 

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