Monday, 21 January 2013


So here we are!
This is my blog for This is where I will place my Cakedoodles! 

Cakedoodle? What the heck is a cake doodle? A cake doodle is my sketches, my thought, my custom drawings, my photographs, and anything else I want to jot down on here. 
My attempts to stay on top of social networking for 2013 has begun. 

So here are some things I have been working on....

What the heck is that? A super cute female pirate. 
Part of having a ton of cupcake wrappers to choose from I am always getting little requests here and there for items that I need to draw out or tweak to make your party! 
Here is a pirate that I drew out for a lovely customer a few weeks back. 
Her lovely polka dot bandanna and her lips are my favorite. 
Oh and who is that in the background on the right? Well that would be my adorable Man Pirate Cupcake Wrapper. I drew him out last year, and though, he's always been one of my most favorite wrappers he is probably one of the most simple.
His eye brows are the highlight of his face.
I am very much looking forward to receiving photos of the party. 

I love working on custom requests, and custom drawings. How is this possible? 
You can reach me at my website and send me an email directly for custom work.
I plan on using this blog here as a way to photograph and log all of my custom work and drawings in a gallery approach. That way this will help be a reference for past work I have done. I only wish I didn't have 3 years of custom work that wasn't posted here. So maybe if I am lucky I will find photographs that I have been sent in the past so I can add them here to show you. 

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  1. Your pirates are great! :)

    Congratulations on starting up your blog!